Global Organization Regional Meeting  

The customer was a global company and has many departments within the organization. One of the main areas is aftermarket. Each year they focus on keys areas that they feel needed to be improved. They came up with a clear message that needed to be communicated to the employees. The approach was to communicate that message in a fun, structured and guided manner. This was done through fully structed event. Consisting of:
  • DAKI (Drop, Add, Keep, Improve) exercise
  • Customer selected experiences 
  • Serious play using LEGO 
  • Serious Games / Ideation Sessions using the HOW, WOW, NOW Matrix
  • Complying all comments and actions from breakout sessions.
  • Setting agreeable and archivable targets and goals 
This was a fully managed event including accommodation and venue support, food and drink packages and local contacts. The event was run over 3 days combine internal and external activities for a total of 150 participants over 4 breakout rooms and one large auditorium. All ideas were shared with the customer and recorded for them to use going forward.  

Corporate Event Madrid

Getting creative..

A fun, creative and participative LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® experience where participants build, prepare and share ideas via Lego bricks. Using individual and group challenges participants share an understanding of what true collaboration is and reflect on what they need to do to make it happen.

Flip charts everywhere! 

4 themed sessions in specific breakout rooms covering the main areas of the customers requirements. Each session started with a playful provocation / challenge followed by some specific reflections relevant to the theme. After that the  participants brainstormed using specific Creative Thinking Tools in order to find ways to improve how the customer deals with the theme at hand.


•Provoke personal and group reflection
•Present and practice some specific creative thinking tools
•Generate ideas for specific challenges within the compnany

Football, food and drink... 

Exploration Challenge! The teams are challenged to visit major city landmarks. Once they get to one of the locations, they have to complete a number of missions. While traveling between locations, fun missions are sent direct to the tablets to help boost the final score. But the catch is there isn't enough time to visit all locations. So the challenge lies in planning the optimal route to allow for maximum points and to win. The evening walk around the city concluded in a team dinner at a very iconic landmark.  

Global Aftermarket Company

A global company who focus on specific Field Service on Key customers equipment. Each year they hold a service meeting which is when the regional service team come together. This is a great opportunity for the customer to share their key company messages, new ideas and future directions. On the 1st day, the approach was to use short interacting activities to focus the participants minds on the key areas the customer wanted to cover. The 2nd day was lead by the customer, as this was focused on training and future ideas of how to improve their teams moving forward.   
This was a fully managed event including accommodation and venue support, food and drink packages and local contacts. the event was run over 2 days, comprising of  internal activities only. Total of 65 participants over 4 breakout rooms and one large auditorium. All ideas were shared with the customer and recorded for them to use going forward.  

Corporate Event Liverpool

Deep in thought..

Group interaction and presentations. This allows for the customer to updates its employees on current issues and future plans. 

Team work makes the dream work! 

Working within the each team, the outcome was completely reliant on communication with clear and correct directions. This was to allow the participants to align with the company core values for the FS team. 

Location location location! 

With the event only lasting 2 days. The location was key. Easy access to an international airport was key. This was made easy due to the chosen venue being directly opposite the main train station. This allowed us to make the travel arrangements very smooth. 

Multi Million $ Global Corporation

The customer is Global Manufacturing and Servicing Organization. Focusing on specialized rotating equipment, they are World leaders in their field. This facility is the newest in there global reach. With over 2800Sq Meters, its will assist them in building the business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
With 120 attendees, ranging from customer employees, to Key customers, VIPs, Local, Regional and International Government officials, it was a great way to announce the opening with a lavish ceremony. 
We were asked to manage the full event, this included the following areas
  • Invites, attendance management (Including delegate badges and gift bags)
  • Welcome food and refreshments in a dedicated area. 
  • Seating for 120, this includes VIP and regular seating.
  • Fully seated dinning area with international buffet for 120 attendants. 
  • Staging with full LED display screen. 
  • Full audio equipment. 
  • An evening event focused and tailored for the customers internal employees only.

Facility Opening Ceremony, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

No space to small..

due to the nature of the business, the event had to be designed around the facilities static equipment. This was easily overcome with the flexibility from the customer. 

International cuisine

With many different nationalists attending, all dietary requirements needed to be considered. Working with a local hotel, a multi national buffet was chosen including hot and cold selections. 

Focus on the future

The message from the customer to all the attendees was easily conveyed with the use of the large LED screen and audio system. All the guests left happy with what they had seen and heard. The future looks bright for our customer in KSA.